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Real Time Crime

Let Your Cases Run Themselves

Too many cases, not enough investigators?

Agencies all over the country are understaffed. You're not alone.
Let's work together to manage the case load.

Let RTC run your cases for you.

Technology doing more to advance your cases.

Real Time Crime takes an automated feed of cases from an agency's records management system and automatically searches relevant case information against LeadsOnline's unique set of nationwide data.

RTC then automatically notifies and surfaces cases to investigators with the highest levels of solvability. Whether the case is looking for a stolen family heirloom or a homicide suspect, RTC is on the job 24/7.

Stop searching, start investigating

Automatically runs ALL your cases, all the time, active or cold

Uses solvability scoring to prioritize your case load

Returns leads & intel for violent crimes, property crimes, and more

Discovers connections from other agencies across the country

"Real Time Crime just paid for itself! We just solved 4 thefts, got our suspects, and recovered property on cases that we did not have anything on if not for RTC!"

—Chief Tim Hawn, Roane County Sheriff's Office