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Law enforcement investigative hub

Looking to expand your investigative tool kit?

LeadsToolbox is a strategic mix of sophisticated tools, training materials, and in-depth articles empowering law enforcement to fully utilize technology in their relentless pursuit of justice.

What you'll find in LeadsToolbox

Investigative Techniques

Phone and connected car lookup, investigative intel

Legal Templates

Search warrants, preservation letters, exigent resources

Education Tracks

Webinar recordings, online training, in-person training

Carrier Information

Cellular carriers, internet and mobile applications

User Testimonials

"It's a wonderful tool, it has a ton of information."

"I think it's a phenomenal resource for law enforcement. We use it all the time, it's probably something we take for granted."

"It's a treasure trove of information. I think it is a giant resource and I think it's hugely valuable."

"I'm on the Toolbox frequently. It's kinda like a security blanket. I have my process and how I do things and how I get the records. I know I can always fall back to the Toolbox and see what else I can find. We were able to get the data from a car for a case."