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Originally from Austin, Texas, Adin is an MBA graduate of Berkeley Haas School of Business and uses his analytical and strategic skills to make sure everyone at LeadsOnline is working smarter. Outside of work, he's either traveling, renovating his home, or on a golf course!

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Client Support Specialist

5 10 15

Aimee has been taking care of businesses and investigators at LeadsOnline for over ten years! She's resourceful, thorough, and obsessed with quality customer service. She works to make sure LeadsOnline is taking care of the people who count on us.

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Alex earned his MBA at Duke's Fuqua School of Business and worked with Walmart's e-commerce units domestic and abroad to help customers save time and money. He says leading LeadsOnline is the coolest job ever—second only to his roles of dad and husband, of course!

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President - Forensic Technology

Alvaro is an industrial engineer and has been with FT since 2006. Born in Bogota, Columbia, and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, he speaks four languages: Spanish, French, English and People. Alvaro loves working with both customers and teams to help them achieve their goals. He's a cyclist and also enjoys hiking adventures.

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Senior Finance Manager

Andrei has a BBA in Accounting & Finance from Boise State University, is a licensed CPA, and has over 15 years of experience in his field. He's also been a licensed pilot for over 10 years! In 2019, he started building a plane – a kit that takes roughly 3,000 hours to build – with every intention of being the test pilot for it one day!

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Account Manager

Anthony attended East Carolina University and for three years was a patrol officer with the Raleigh Police Department. He now uses his former agency experience to assist others in solving crimes. In his off time, you'll find him hunting or riding motorcycles (and probably not both at the same time).

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5 10 15 20

Ashley has been serving law enforcement agencies since 2003 and she's a natural when it comes to building rapport with customers. Her sales and support staff bring law enforcement agencies and businesses together for the benefit of communities across the nation.

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Data Assurance Specialist


Ben previously worked as a commercial electrician and loves restoring old cars, which makes him the MacGyver of our office. When he's not working with data, he's either gaming or woodworking. If he built a house tomorrow and wired it next week, we wouldn't be surprised.

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Account Executive

Blake is a native Texan, and when he's not at LeadsOnline being a rock star he trains in jiu jitsu. He also loves to travel and has been to 13 European countries! (Can you beat that?)

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Chief Product Officer

Brandon is an Austin native, transplanted to Dallas to do what he loves best: helping technology companies grow. Brandon loves delivering technology through a client / partner first approach. Outside of work, he spends his time with his wife, daughter, and two German Shepherds doing anything outdoors.

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Sr. Finance Manager

Brett is from South Africa and grew up in Johannesburg. He recently moved to the United States and is a graduate of the University of Pretoria as well as the Gordon Institute of Business Science in South Africa. He brings 10 years of experience in finance to LeadsOnline. Brett loves live music, spicy food, and sports, especially rugby!

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Account Executive

Brittany earned her Master's Degree in Public Health and Bachelor's Degree in Sociology, History, and Business from Texas Woman's University. Prior to joining LeadsOnline, she was a program director for a non-profit where she helped train underserved veterans in IT.

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Account Executive

Chris is from Nashville and a graduate of Harding. When he's away from work, he's probably hiking, fishing, or exercising! (We need him to stay healthy so he can help catch crooks.)

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Director of Integrations

Chris has years of IT and Integrations experience, most recently working with the City of Fort Worth as their Senior Business Analyst. Though he no longer practices in the field, Chris has been a Certified EMT for over a decade! Recently, he started tinkering with lock picking and enjoys its challenges. With a lock-picking EMT on the roster, Leads is truly the A-Team.

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Account Executive

Craig's 13 years of detective and patrol experience helps him connect with his investigators to work and clear cases. His Business Administration degree from FSU (no, not that one) allows him to maximize product value to clients. When not on a call, he's fly fishing or thinking about fly fishing.

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Dave has a history of aligning resources to serve those who serve others. Throughout his career, he has made a meaningful impact in entrepreneurial enterprises, Fortune 100 companies, and non-profits. Within and beyond LeadsOnline, Dave invests time, talent, and treasure for good.

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Account Executive

Derek has a demonstrated history of success in managing and maintaining strategic accounts. His unique blend of strong technical aptitude, interpersonal relationship skills and a passion for people makes him a key member of our high caliber sales team.

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Account Executive

Originally from Kansas City, Devon is a graduate of the University of Arkansas. He loves wakeboarding, surfing, and snowboarding! (Meanwhile the rest of us are still trying to get this "walking" thing down.) He also stays busy wrangling his pug, Pablo, and his golden retriever, Waffles.

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Client Support Specialist

Emma grew up right here in DFW and loves finding new adventures. When she's not helping law enforcement catch crooks she is exploring Texas State parks or curled up on the couch with her very lazy great pyrenees Nellie. When she's not doing those two things, you can expect her trying out new skills like gardening, bread making, and painting.

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Sr. Accounts Receivable Manager

Erica oversees all aspects of billing and collections at LeadsOnline. She's a Marvel, DCU, and Star Trek fan. (Star Wars seems to not have made the cut.) She also collects small appliances – preferrably purple – for her kitchen, and secretly wishes she owned an animal sanctuary.

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Creative Director

Frank is a self-professed Harley Davidson freak, a huge Star Wars fan, and was part of a signed band in his younger years (as a drummer). Along with being a designer, he's also an experienced animator and videographer. Outside of work, he's a family guy, taking his three (crazy) kids and lovely wife on various trips throughout the country.

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Sales Manager

Hannah has extensive expertise in staffing: spanning sales, recruitment, account management, and operations. She's passionate about optimizing the workplace through a harmonious fusion of people, process, and technology. Her desire to make an impact in society is what led her to LeadsOnline!

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Client Support Specialist

Hiba earned her Master's Degree in Criminology from The University of Texas at Dallas. She's dedicated to being the sidekick for our law enforcement heroes, and it cannot be emphasized enough how much she loves cookies. Cookies and criminal justice – that is Hiba.

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Client Support Specialist


Jack is incredibly computer savvy, and after working as a reserve deputy for a sheriff's office in Arkansas, he knows a thing or two about helping law enforcement succeed in their jobs. This criminal justice major loves being able to help law enforcement and businesses work together.

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Account Manager


Jacob is a former car salesman who left the world of sales to help law enforcement catch criminals. When not on a support call, he's cooking, exploring new restaurants, crafting knives, or cheering on Luka Dončić and the Dallas Mavericks.

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Chief Legal Officer

Raised in Pittsburgh, Kevin attended law school while on active duty with the Marine Corps. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience as a lawyer, legal advisor, and former trial judge. After retiring from the Marine Corps, he became an integral part of the legal team at EcoATM (one of our partners). Now he's part of the Leads team! Outside of his legal duties, you'll find Kevin spending time with his amazing family.

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Client Support Specialist

Prior to Leads, Krista worked 13 years as a crime analyst. She earned her Master of Arts in Criminal Justice from the University of Illinois at Chicago, along with a Bachelor's in Sociology. In 2016, she founded the Greater Houston Law Enforcement Analyst group, and in 2017, the Texas Law Enforcement Analyst Network (TXLEAN). A Houston Astros fan, she went to her first World Series game in 2022!

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VP of Product Operations

After studying Business, Finance, and Economics at Chapman University in California, he and his wife chose to relocate to Texas to start a family. He has served in various leadership roles helping software companies scale, become more efficient and deliver more value to their customers and stakeholders. He couldn't be more excited to be part of LeadsOnline's mission and also squeezing in some tennis on his spare time.

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Account Manager

Born and raised in Austin and a graduate of Texas Tech. (Wreck 'Em!) Before LeadsOnline, Lauren worked in software sales but not with software as good as LeadsOnline! Outside of work, she spends her time traveling and hanging out with her rescue dog, Willie.

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Account Executive

Laurie was previously part of IBM's Managed Security Services Practice, where she helped large companies prevent cybercrime. She's passionate about equipping and enabling law enforcement to better serve their communities.

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Client Support Specialist

Born and raised in Plano, Texas, Lindsey loves Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Scotland. (But not necessarily in that order.) She loves Scotland so much she even had bagpipes at her wedding! (Sounds like a totally awesome wedding if you ask us.) In her off time, you'll find her hanging out with her husband and fluffy cat, Sabrina.

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Account Manager

Louie brings 18 years of law enforcement experience (as a former supervisor of his agency's CID) to LeadsOnline. He also has telecommunications industry experience working as a fraud analyst with Sprint. Louie has a servant leadership mentality and is passionate about serving others.

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Account Executive

Michael has over 20 years of experience in establishing and maintaining solid relationships with small, medium, and enterprise-level businesses.

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Director of Client Support

Mike has a BA in Arts & Sciences from UT-Dallas, an MBA from Baylor, and has over 30 years of contact center and technical support leadership. (Mike helped build Apple's iTunes Support from the ground up back in the day!) For fun he restores old cars, builds models, and is an amateur Elvis historian!

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Account Executive

From Grand Rapids, Michigan, and a graduate of Robert Morris University, Nicholas formerly worked in private security, protecting figures like President Donald Trump, Dave Chappell, Cage The Elephant, Luke Bryan, and many others! When he's taking a break from helping solve crimes, you'll find him into football, hockey, and hunting.

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Account Manager

5 10

Nicole studied criminal justice at East Carolina University and got started in the world of investigations by interning with the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigations. Since then, she's continued to work closely with investigators across the country.

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Account Manager

Robert is from North Mississippi (right next to Memphis, Tennessee). He graduated from Harding University in 2022 where he also played football. Rob loves: Being outside, competing in almost anything, playing golf, concerts, and of course hanging with friends and family!

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Technical Support Manager

5 10 15 20

Russell has trained and equipped thousands of detectives and reporting businesses since LeadsOnline's launch in 2000. Prior to LeadsOnline, Russell served in the Air Force where he trained and equipped thousands of troops for chemical warfare in the Persian Gulf.

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Accounts Receivable Specialist

Sam is a finance major at UNT and spends most of his time crunching numbers. His toddler helps him keep track of his 1s, 2s, and 3s. Dad-mode keeps him busy, but has definitely elevated his joke game. Funniest guy in any group chat.

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Bilingual Client Support Specialist

Sandra has been a resident of North Carolina, South Carolina, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Texas, and even Hawaii! She is Dominican and Ecuadorian and is essential in assisting our Spanish-speaking business customers. Outside of work, she volunteers at Minnie's Food Pantry. When it comes to random celebrity encounters, she has all of us beat, having met stand-up comedian and actor Rodney Dangerfield.

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Executive Assistant to the CEO

5 10 15

Shawna joined Leads in 2007 and is instrumental in facilitating the company's expansion by supporting our C-level executives and streamlining day-to-day operations. As a former national champion collegiate cheerleader, she brings the energy! Catch her zooming around the office—if you can actually keep up!

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Office Manager

Stacey, aka Gigi, is originally from Brooklyn and now lives in Dallas with her family. She holds a Criminal Justice degree, and a paralegal certificate from Northeastern University. Like many Leads folks, she loves animals! We also heard she is an amazing cook. Hmm... wonder what she'll bring us?

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Marketing Analyst

Taylor was previously an intern at LeadsOnline, and now she's back! (So she's already familiar with how cool our customers are.) Born and raised in DFW, she is a recent graduate of Texas A&M University with a Bachelors in Marketing (and minor in Spanish). She loves outdoor stuff – skiing and rollerblading are at the top of that list!

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Accounts Receivable Specialist

Violeta grew up and went to school in Bulgaria (Burgas Free University). She comes to LeadsOnline with 10 years of experience in corporate accounting and is currently working on her MBA. When she's not buried in study materials, she's out sailing and exploring different countries and cultures with her family. Violeta is all about creating a positive and welcoming environment for all!

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Sr. Client Support Specialist

Westry brings 25 years of law enforcement experience, including 8 years of analyzing call detail records, to her role at LeadsOnline. While in law enforcement, she specialized in high profile felony cases, including homicides, missing persons, and sex crimes throughout the Rocky Mountains region.

Will's photo


Chief of Staff

As someone who practically grew up in Disneyland, Will is pretty much a bonafide Disney historian. Most recently he graduated from Harvard Business school with credentials of readiness in Business Analytics, Economics for Managers, and Financial Accounting. He loves people, process, and performance!

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