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Complex Evidence. Easy Analysis.

Working with complex mobile device and geo-location data?

Let CellHawk be your trusted investigative solution to map, connect, and analyze trends within call detail records and digital location evidence. Quickly produce easy-to-understand visual representations of evidence that you can confidently take to court.

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You could do it all by hand if you had the time.

It's faster with CellHawk. Create dependable analysis from crime to courtroom.

Call Detail Record Support and So Much More

Ingest any record with a date and timestamp, incoming / outgoing numbers, and geo-location data! (Even from those not shown below.)

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What you can do with CellHawk

Extract meaningful answers from location and communications records

Use unique analysis modes to spot patterns in your evidence

Remove labor intensive aspects of analyzing digital evidence

Extend and improve the expertise of your investigative team

Create lean, simple, and accurate visuals of your data

Protect and maintain the integrity of your evidence

Methodologies You Can Trust

CellHawk is designed to make easy-to-understand visual representations of your case evidence. Our method has been successfully upheld in court on the state, local and federal levels.

FBI CAST Team Recommendations

Based upon SWGDE standards

Legal Court Case Precedents

Peer Reviewed Research

User Testimonials

An Instrumental Part of Our Daily Case Work

"CellHawk is an instrumental part of our daily case work. The staff is always quick to help with any questions and training, whenever we need the support. We analysts, at the Rocky Mountain Information Network, depend highly on CellHawk for our success. Many felony cases have been solved and concluded in a conviction because of this outstanding, user-friendly application. CellHawk is fast and accurate and always up-to-date with the newest carrier changes. Thank you CellHawk for the justice you serve in the law enforcement community."

Rocky Mountain Intelligence Center (Arizona)

Another Win For CellHawk

"Well, another win for CellHawk! Finished my jury trial on Monday and verdict came back the next morning. Guilty on all counts. The defendant in this case is facing 70 years to life. The best part of this trial was when we played the surveillance video showing the suspect knocking at the victims door before he broke into their home. During the footage he can be seen making a couple of calls to his co-conspirator. The calls and durations matched exactly with the CDRs for his phone putting him there. Probably the best example I have seen yet that shows the power of call detail records."

Steve Collett (Detective)

Your Software is a Must-Have

"Your software is a must-have for our DA's office. We recently renewed our license. There was no question about the need to renew it. We'll be using your software for many years to come."

Tim Weaver (Inspector with Office of the District Attorney City & County of San Francisco, California)

"CellHawk made this murder case. It's a high profile case that would not have been solved without it."

Jefferson County District Attorney's Office (Texas)

"We have been users of the software for 4 years now and they are constantly improving the product to keep up with the changes made by telecommunication providers."

Omaha Police Department (Nebraska)

CellHawk Was The Obvious Choice

"After comparing and testing several solutions, CellHawk was the obvious choice. With our senior leadership watching the demonstration, it sold itself. This is our second year using Cell Hawk, and quite frankly, I cannot imagine life without it. Working in a busy major-crimes unit, I have come to appreciate the speed and simplicity Cell Hawk provides. I am able to upload and review various records, query telephone numbers of interest, and quickly provide my peers with valuable investigative leads. Cell Hawk is the first stop when our investigators obtain records. Working in a prosecutor's office allowed me to put the other half of CellHawk to the test. It has not disappointed. Cell Hawk has proven to be as valuable in the courtroom as it is in the squad bay. The legal and investigative staff have been impressed with CellHawk's clean and professional product. It has provided us with tools to better present cellular records in court. After only one year, we have approximately 50 cases and 500,000 records uploaded to Cell Hawk, including tower dumps, Cellebrite location exports, and GPS tracking data. The constant use of Cell Hawk motivated me to further my education in cellular records analysis."

Nicholas Falcicchio (Detective)

"Not only is CellHawk the best product for CDR analysis, they have the best support group in the industry."

Mark Pfoff (Forensic Cellular Technology Expert)

"I highly recommend the CellHawk product. It is by far the best value in product, service, and training. The product is highly intuitive, fast, and easy to use. I have always known the [Hawk Analytics] crew to bend over backwards to do anything they can to assist their customers and all of law enforcement."

LEA Criminal Intelligence Analyst