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Find People, Find Property, Find Patterns

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LeadsOnline provides a quick and comprehensive way for law enforcement to run case information against data that can’t be found anywhere else. Instantly search across 1.7 billion transactions from over 25,000 reporting businesses in all 50 states to identify people, property, and patterns and advance your cases faster.

Real Time Crime

Let Your Cases Run Themselves

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Real Time Crime takes an automated feed of cases from an agency's records management system and automatically searches relevant case information against LeadsOnline’s unique set of nationwide data. RTC then automatically notifies and surfaces cases to investigators with the highest levels of solvability. Whether the case is looking for a stolen family heirloom or a homicide suspect, RTC is on the job 24/7.


Complex Evidence. Easy Analysis.

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CellHawk is a trusted investigative solution for that enables law enforcement to map, connect, and analyze trends within call detail records and digital location evidence. Quickly produce easy-to-understand visual representations of case evidence that you can confidently take to court.


Methodologies You Can Trust

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LeadsToolbox is a free resource for anyone who works with cell phones, Call Detail Records (CDRs), and geo-location data. From phone and connected car lookups to a comprehensive investigations resource guide, Toolbox is full of methodologies you can trust.

For Detectives

We understand that a stack of cases getting bigger by the day is a constant challenge for detectives. Our platform was designed to help alleviate case loads.

For Crime Analysts

Crime Analysts who work with LeadsOnline constantly identify case persons, crime trends, patterns of life, and make connections across jurisdictional lines with our unique data.

For Command Staff

Command staff use LeadsOnline to enforce compliance with local reporting mandates and to provide their investigators with every possible chance to deliver justice to crime victims.

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