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LeadsOnline Acquires Nighthawk

We’re joining forces under a shared mission: provide law enforcement with enhanced tools to advance their cases faster. Bringing Nighthawk’s unparalleled analysis capabilities into the LeadsOnline suite will allow us to take a large stride toward our ultimate goal of aiding law enforcement in their investigations.

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We're a nimble, focused team of innovators who wake up every day ready to learn and better serve those who protect and serve. Our solutions make it possible for criminal investigators to find connections between missing items or individuals more quickly, which could prove instrumental in solving a homicide or returning stolen property to its rightful owner. We were founded in 2000 and are headquartered in Plano, Texas.

We recently acquired Forensic Technology, a global leader in 3-D imagery and automated ballistic identification. Together, we'll provide global investigators with enhanced data and tools to advance their cases faster – from thefts to homicides and, particularly, gun crimes. This acquisition enables us to extend the network effect of both company's solutions and work together to develop new technologies to solve a broad spectrum of crimes worldwide.

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